Air Shipping from China to UK

Air Shipping from China to UK comes into play often when urgent cargo is required.  This is obviously a more expensive method of moving goods usually but we can offer good prices for sending and receiving by air from most major UK airports.  Transit times vary depending on cost and urgency but we can arrange to suit your requirements.  Power Forwarding can handle freight shipping via air or sea.

Prices quoted typically include customs clearance and delivery to your door unless you wish to arrange this yourself of course.

When calculating air freight costs everything is by weight so if you have bulky cargo you need to convert it down using a volumetric conversion to get the weight that the cargo will be rated against.  This is done using a simple formula of length x width x height giving the total cubic measurement and then you divide it down by 0.006.

So for instance if you had a 20kg package but the size was 60x50x50cm this would equate to 0.15cbm / 0.006 = 25kgs.

Power Forwarding are now offering cargo insurance for all shipments at very cost effective prices.