While taking the greatest of care we are unfortunately not immune to loss or damage which will occasionally happen from time to time.  There are a multitude of reasons for why cargo insurance would be recommended and it’s even been noted among the industry that it should be as standard for cargo to be insured.  A few of these reasons would be as below:


  • Major ocean vessel, aircraft or road accident.
  • Minor accidents due to loading / unloading / general handling.
  • Theft – Rare but can occur
  • Lost cargo – Sometimes cargo does get lost in transit, not a common occurrence but can happen
  • Water Damage


Nearly all carriers are generally limited in monetary terms due to their terms and conditions and as such should you send your cargo without insurance you risk a heavy loss should worst case scenario happen.

The majority of shipments across the UK are sent without insurance which costs companies / individuals hugely when damages / loss occurs which is almost baffling when you consider the price of insuring cargo.

Cargo is very cheap considering the peace of mind and cover you receive on your shipment.  It covers from door to door for all damages or loss so it’s well worth the money.  There is nothing to pay up front, we simply add the insurance fee to your invoice when we send it.

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