Many customers of ours have continually expressed their concerns when buying from China what with all the horror stories of scams and cons leaving people out of pocket.  We now recommend contacting with IMEX Sourcing who are a Chinese sourcing company with great abilities to find products on your behalf and ensure they are who they say they are.  On top of this great service they also have the ability to check the quality of the goods you are buying and that they are up to scratch and to your specifications.  They will find you the best price available for your product also having a cash on delivery service which means you can pay outright to IMEX who will then hold your funds until they have received your cargo.  This will save you on multiple transfer fees especially if you have several suppliers who they will then consolidate in to one shipment for you saving even more import costs.

Using IMEX allows customers to safely purchase from China and effectively ship the cargo door to door eliminating all concerns making the process as smooth as possible.

You can see more information on IMEX Sourcing at their website –Imex Sourcing