Sea Freight Transportation Taiwan to UK

Here at Power Forwarding we offer sea freight services from Taiwan to the UK, we offer both LCL, FCL and reefer services to virtually anywhere at a competitive rate. Sea Freight is by far one of the most common and cost-effective way of moving the majority of moving your cargo from Taiwan to the UK.

With China and the Far East being our main areas of trade, we have two main ports in Taiwan that we cover, these are Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh City, generally FOB terms from either port is the most preferable or cost effective.

Power Forwarding have a number of depots throughout the UK which include Essex, London and Manchester, with Felixstowe and Southampton being our two main ports. For import consolidation we have unpacking depots in Felixstowe, Southampton and Birmingham. For international freight shipping from Taiwan to the UK be sure to get in touch with the reliable and friendly team at Power Forwarding.

Experienced International Shipping Company

Each of our team members are experts in the world of shipping goods, so no matter what your query is for shipping from Taiwan to the UK is one of our team members will be more than happy to help. Our expertise in shipping goods worldwide makes us one of the UK’s most popular international shipping companies.
With our friendly advisers here to handle all of your administrative work, insurance paperwork and to answer any of your questions, we offer an unrivalled customer service experience. Our honest price quotations and secure service makes Power Forwarding Freight Services the right choice for any commercial or private shipping needs.

All of our containers are tracked and recorded each time it is moved from a truck into a port area, to a cargo ship and so on. It is in our best interest to keep an eye on the movement of goods, it is important to book and plan in advanced as timelines can be long and shipment could hit delays for a number of reasons, if you are searching for a Reliable Shipping Freight Company be sure to contact the team at Power Forwarding today!

Sea Freight Transportation Taiwan to UK
Sea Freight from Taiwan to the UK

Container Loads

There are two types of Sea Freight rates; LCL and FCL, each offer a different type of shipment. When you import goods to the UK via sea freight shipping, goods are loaded into containers that are then loaded onto vessels for transit. Depending on the size of your shipment, you will either be able to fill a full container with only your goods or your may need to share your container with other people.

LCL – Less than Container Load

LCL cargo is for when you do not have enough cargo to fill a full container so instead of spending out money on a whole container where space will not be fully utilised we offer a service where you can share container space with our other customers thus saving you money.

FCL – Full Container Load

For when you do have enough cargo to fill a full container, FCL is your option. Typically provided in 20, 40 & 40-foot-high cube variations we can provide excellent rates, weekly sails and fast transits. For frozen foodstuffs we can provide reefer containers which are refrigerated containers specially designed to carry frozen food.

Experienced International Shipping Company
Sea Freight Taiwan to UK

How Sea Freight Works

It is common for companies to use a specialist in shipping to arrange their sea freight and have their goods moved from the suppliers safely and legally. This is helpful as import and customs processes are complex. Some mistakes can be costly, so having a shipping agent involved is an effective way of managing the risks and ensuring the process goes smoothly.

If you are looking for Sea Freight shipments from Vietnam to UK, Power Forwarding have a simple and easy shipping process for you to follow:

  • Hire the team at Power Forwarding, we then go on to collecting the goods from your supplier.
  • Your goods are cleared through Vietnam’s customs
  • If your goods are LCL, they will then be loaded into a shared container. If they are FCL, they will be loaded into one container.
  • The containers are loaded onto the next available vessel and will be sailed round the world to you.
  • Once they reach the UK, they will be processed by UK customs.
  • If your goods are LCL, they will be unpacked from the shared container and shipped to you either as pallets or loose cartons.
  • If your goods are FCL, the container will be loaded onto the back of a lorry and delivered to you, still sealed.

Why Choose Power Forwarding for Sea Freight from Taiwan to UK?

As a member of the British International Freight Association, you can trust your shipments are in good hands when you choose Power Forwarding for Sea Freight from Taiwan to the UK. Whether you are looking to get a large consignment delivered at the best possible rate or just need to move something small and quickly we can ensure you will get what you are looking for.

Operating from our depot in Essex and nationally throughout the UK. We specialise in shipping to the Far East, Australasia and the Americas. We pride ourselves on providing private and commercial clients with a high-quality service, with a fast turnaround, reasonable prices and honest quotes.

For Sea Freight from Taiwan to the UK, Contact Power Forwarding

If you are new to international shipping, then make Power Forwarding your first choice, our friendly advisors are here to help you. We are happy to assist you with any advice on documents you may require for imports and exports, information on destination countries and can even help to arrange your insurance.

Our advisers are based in several depots throughout the UK and will be more than happy to discuss and of your needs when it comes to sea freight from Taiwan to the UK. Call us today for more information or for your FREE quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Freight

You will need to know how much sea freight costs before importing from Taiwan, the far east or anywhere else in the world. At Power Forwarding we try to make our sea freight prices as simple as possible, below is what you will need to get a quote from our team:

  • Weight and Dimensions/Volume of your goods
  • Shipping terms that your supplier is offering
  • The outbound port
  • Where the goods are being delivered to

Sea freight costs are calculated by the volume or the weight. It’s normally the volume, which is why we need to know the dimensions of your shipment to get you a price.

At Power Forwarding we can transport many good including any type of household goods, such as: furniture, clothing, appliances, (washing machine, dryer, small appliances) etc.

We can also ship personal vehicles. But it is necessary to be informed about the restrictions of the destination country. Please get in touch with your consulate or embassy; these entities may be in contact with a customs broker or agent that can provide you with this information.
At Power Forwarding we cannot ship following goods:

  • Drinks; alcoholic beverages
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Firearms or any other type of weapons
  • Undeclared goods
  • Prohibited substances

When buying products from the other side of the world one of the first things to consider is how to get them to your door. There are two main options; Air freight or Sea Freight.

The choice all depends on what your needs are. If you are looking for the quickest service, the best option is of course air freight. If you are trying to keep your costs down, the sky-high prices of air freight may not be for you.

There is a chance that the products you’re purchasing will force your hand one way or the other. If your cargo is being sold at an event in 2-3 weeks you won’t be able to wait for a delivery via sea freight. If, on the other hand, the products are large and the RRP is relatively low then importing your cargo by air freight will mean the cost to import the product will be higher than the price you can sell them for.